Tony Haddad

Principal Architect - Founder

Architect and founder of the firm, Tony Haddad received his Bachelor of Architecture from “Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts” (ALBA) - University of Balamand in 1989.

He graduated with honors and won the 1st prize of Alexis Boutros Award for excellence in architecture design.

He later joined the firm of Tabet Atelier d'Architecture (TAA) in Beirut, in 1991. There he was involved in and exposed to various large-scale projects.

Seven years later, in 1997, He became a senior partner with Walid Tabet in charge of international projects.

Throughout his professional career, Tony Haddad has coupled his architectural activity with teaching at “Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts” (ALBA).

In 2012, He established "Tony Haddad + Partners - THP Architects" in Beirut.

With a team of enthusiastic architects, THP Architects has completed a wide variety of works in Lebanon as well as in Nigeria and Iraq.


Our enthusiastic team is engaged in a perpetual process of researching and experimenting to take on projects from schematic design to execution phase through collaboration with clients and technical consultants.

Meet the designers.


Tony Haddad + Partners is an architectural firm based in Beirut, with diversified projects experience where every project is designed to respond each client's individual need. We are architects, interior designers, consultants who approach design from all scales & perspectives.

THP Architects have successfully completed many projects in a wide range of programs and scale.The firm's diversified work includes residential, villas, commercial and public projects. Engaged and collaborative, our enthusiastic team brings together high design, functional performance, and social responsibility to advance project goals. Inspired by the progress within, we design from the inside-out. Research focused and Inventive, we create dynamic spaces for people with a humanistic approach.

Our goals are to create innovative solutions, transformative design, and to answer our client requirement.

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